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    Our Founder

    Little Ashkim’s passion for excellence comes directly from our founder, Olcan Hollister.

    Born and raised in Turkey, Olcan came to the United States to continue her education after being identified as a top performer in a leading Turkish bank.  Being a hard worker was nothing new for Olcan as she worked three jobs while getting her MBA.  Her tenure at University System of Maryland continued when she accepted a long-term, full-time role.  With a promising career path, Olcan continued advancing through the ranks at the University to ultimately become an Assistant Dean of Finance.  After having two children, she turned her focus to sharing her Turkish heritage with her favorite clients, the little ones in our lives.

    Beyond her passion for finding only the softest, most lovable materials for Little Ashkim’s Turkish bath towels and children’s clothing, Olcan loves to travel with her family.  She is working each year toward her goal of visiting every country around the world and state across the US.  Olcan lives the Turkish notion of “who knows more – the one who reads or the one who travels?”  For Olcan, it’s both. This passion is infused in every Little Ashkim towel, onesie and product.

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