About us

Welcome to Little Ashkim

Founded by a mom passionate about finding and providing the best quality for her children, Little Ashkim™ provides parents with a new choice in towels and clothing. Our company was designed around our primary customers – the babies and children that use our towels and wear our clothing. Each Little Ashkim product is designed to fulfill their practical needs with comfort and luxury.Drawing on our founder’s heritage, we manufacture all Little Ashkim Hooded Turkish Towels in Turkey – known around the world for the quality and durability of its towels and other textiles. We bring the country’s highest quality raw materials, finest fabrics and detailed workmanship to babies and children in the US. We handpick the material for its softness, durability and quality. All Little Ashkim products are built to last – designed to be passed from older sibling to new baby and generation to generation. And our commitment to quality is evident in every stitch – from our 100% Turkish cotton kids towels to our line of timeless clothing for infants and toddlers.