How to make DIY Valentine’s Day Super Lollipop

How to make DIY Valentine’s Day Super Lollipop

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Ever year, when it’s around Valentine’s Day, I start thinking about about what to prepare for my elementary age children’s classroom friends for the Valentine’s Day since they start going to Elementary school. This year, I saw this super cool crafty idea and decided to give it a try. Actually, both kids love it, they had fun and thought it was super cool! This is a super easy project. Regardless of your and the little ones’ artistic abilities, you can make this project as a crafting fun and have your elementary school age children get involved in this project.

Here are the list of items that you will need: Some colored papers (for the cape and for the mask), colorful pencil (to write the Valentine’d Day message on the cape), kids scissors, glue and lollipops.

First: Draw a cape and super hero mask on a piece of paper (I put several papers on top each other to save time on cutting these).  Once you draw and show your children how to draw one, let them draw the rest of the masks. After all the masks are drawn, now it is time to cut them. And don’t forget to  color the mask!
After the masks are done, now time to prepare the capes. You can draw a sample capes and have your children do the rest. Once the capes are done and cut, they can write their Valentine’s Day message to their friends. Cut a Little hole on the top of the cape and put the lollipops to the holes. Now, you can glue on the super hero masks. And you are done!

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