Real Insect Excavation Kit

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BUGS! BUGS! BUGS!  PERFECT GIFT FOR BUG-LOVERS –This is a favorite hands-on science project for anyone who is fascinated by bugs!

 Dig up these perfectly preserved bugs and learn entomology with Discover with Dr. Cool’s Insect Excavation Kit. Kids love tearing into these beetle-shaped digging bricks and uncovering these creepy crawly bugs. Spark a lifelong love of science within your child with these insect specimens that are preserved to last a lifetime.

This complete Insect Excavation Kit includes:

  • A beetle-shaped digging brick containing a preserved spiny spider, fortune beetle, and scorpion

  • An adventure guide with educational material written by teachers

  • An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges

  • Archeological digging tool, brush and magnifying glass

This makes a great birthday party activity. Kids will love digging up these insects and showing their friends! With the included adventure guide, this kit also serves as the perfect lesson on arthropods, arachnids, and entomology. Learn tons of interesting scientific facts! When the digging has ended and the dust has cleared, open up the activity booklet for even more fun!


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