How motherhood changed me

How motherhood changed me

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Before giving birth to my two wonderful children, I did not have any idea how little precious children could change someone’s life. Of course I heard from other mothers that their lives changed after having children, but simply didn’t understand how. All I saw was those cute little babies that smile at you, make silly faces at you, or cuddle up with their mommy to feel safe.

When I became a mother, I knew what they meant. I am not just talking about sleepless nights and going to work next day tired, not having luxury to rest when you are sick, or not even be able to go to bathroom alone. Being a mother inspired me to work toward being a better person – more understanding, more emphatic, more patient, more thoughtful and more and more…

I changed my priorities. Instead of putting myself first, now I put my children first. Despite the many changes, any mother will tell you that the end reward is worth everything. I love that every morning my kids kiss me and tell me how much they love me before I leave for work. As I walk out the door, I remember their smiles and “I love you” in my ears.

This is the story of Little Ashkim. Ashkim means “my love” in Turkish. Little Ashkim is dedicated to my little loves and your little loves. When my first child was born, my mother-in law passed down to me some clothes that she used when my husband was a baby. While I may not have used all of them, I definitely used some which were still very fashionable, stylish and looked as if new. She did the same with baby girl clothes that she used when my husband’s older sister was a baby when my daughter was born. Some of the clothes were adorable, made of high quality fabrics, and also still looked as if they were new. I used them for my kids and decided to keep them to pass on to my grandkids some day. In the meantime I started thinking, it would be wonderful to have baby clothing and towels made with that same level of quality and love, yet that are soft and durable – staying like new for many years, with a style that never goes out of fashion, and that we can pass on from generation to generation.

The blog will go backward in time for a bit – I want to share more about our journey to Little Ashkim with you. Stay tuned. I can’t wait to share my ashkim with your little loves. With love, Olcan


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