Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

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As Halloween is getting closer, some of you may already started thinking about a Halloween Party for the kids. Last year was my first time throwing a Halloween Party for my kids and their friends. It was mainly because my son started Kindergarten and I wanted to invite his friends at school to help break the ice and meet some of his classmates in a social setting. I researched for many hours on the web on how to decorate the house, what kind of games should we set up to keep plenty of high energy kindergarteners entertained for a few hours, and of course feed them something other than sugary snacks….

Here is what I did:

I created a snack table for the kids with a Mummy Drink jar. It was very easy to make. Wrap some gauze around a jar and add 2 googly eyes!  If you do not have gauze simply use the toilet paper or paper towels. Another snack was to make googly eyes from white and black frosting and put them on pretzels which ended up looking very look cute. Kids loved eating googly eyed pretzels! Tangerines that looked like pumpkin and lanterns also were hit and they are easy to make. What about a carrot man? It was a healthy and good looking snack with grape mouth and eyes.

We also set up a treasure hunt for the kids. They loved being in groups and finding the little clues but at the end, everybody received an award. Duck-duck-goose and hide & seek was easy to play. We set up crafts table and kids did some Halloween crafts such as black cats, haunted houses, Frankensteins, etc. and they decorated them the way they liked. We ended the party with a very sturdy piñata which took many turns to break! We played inside the house and outside as well. And kids had a really good time. Even in the spring they were talking about the party!

Now, this year I have more experience and I am planning to add “pin the donkey’s tail game” and maybe few more games. I asked the kids what they like to play and they gave me some interesting ideas: Hide popcorn and they can find and munch on. Mmmm I think I really loved this yummy idea.  I would love to hear from you on your plans or any suggestions that you have.

Olcan Hollister,

Founder of Little Ashkim

Carrot Man Googly Eye PretzelsTangerine Pumpkins  Tangerine Lanterns Mummy Jar


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